GP4:3 - Frequently Asked Questions

Weight loss

Q: Do I need to start this plan on a Monday? 

Starting on a Monday is recommended because this means the magic day can be at the weekend, but the plan can be adapted around your schedule. 

Q: Can I switch fasting and mindful days? 

Absolutely - the main point is that you have to fast for three non-consecutive days in a week. 

Q: Can I have two mindful days in a row? 

Yes - Monday, Wednesday, Friday tends to be easier as the fasting days, but Monday, Wednesday and Saturday is an alternative, which will leave two mindful days on Thursday and Friday. 

Q: What is a magic day? 

A magic day is one day off within the two-week plan, here you can relax and forget about following any restrictions with what you eat and drink. 

Q: Does my magic day have to be a Sunday? 

No. You can swap any one of the mindful days with the magic day, but just remember that you only get one magic day in the two-week plan. 

Q: What if I am finding it tough and eat more on fasting days? 

If you’ve eaten significantly more calories on a fasting day, count that as a mindful day and resume fasting the next day. 

Q: What about exercise? 

It’s technically fine to exercise on a fasting day, but it really comes down to how you feel, with gentler forms of exercise (e.g. yoga, swimming, walking) as a preferable option. 

Q: What about alcohol? 

Alcohol is not recommended for fasting days, as it will impact your restricted calorie intake for the day. When it comes to mindful days, the decision is ultimately personal - although the calories remain high. 

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