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Georgie Coleridge Cole is the dynamic and glamorous founder of SheerLuxe, a hugely successful digital lifestyle magazine featuring fashion, beauty, health, wellness, travel and careers for modern women, with over 120,000 daily subscribers. 

Before launching SheerLuxe in 2006, Georgie studied French and worked in beauty marketing. Today she is a mother and entrepreneur and continues to lead the charge at SheerLuxe. Here she shares the secrets to her success.

Georgie Coleridge Cole

GP: What is your vision for SheerLuxe?

Georgie: My mission has always been to connect women with great brands, products and experts and that hasn’t really changed. Helping our readers discover something new and exciting is as rewarding now as it was when I started the site.

GP: What do you credit the success of SheerLuxe to?

Georgie: Hard work. When I started, I worked every evening, every weekend, every holiday – even Boxing Day for the first couple of years. I really believe you make your own luck and if you work hard enough you’ll get there in the end but it won’t happen if you’re not 110% committed.

GP: What advice would you give to women who want to start their own business?

Georgie: Get on and do it, and the sooner the better because it takes time. The fact I didn’t have a family when I started SheerLuxe meant I could devote all my energy to work. Running your own business is never the easy option but as a woman and a mother it does give you flexibility and that counts for a lot.


GP: Tell us all about your upcoming SheerLuxe Wellness Day and what you hope it achieves.

Georgie: I feel very privileged to be able to put on an event that gives our readers access to such experts. We live in a frenetic world and it’s so important we take care of our bodies - both inside and out. Health comes first so we’re covering breast checks, stress, meditation and supplements. Like it or not, looking good (and feeling good about looking good) affects our motivation and self-esteem so we’re also talking about diet, fitness, skin and even botox.

GP: What appeals to you about collaborating with Gabriela on this project?

Georgie: She’s a hugely successful nutritionist who has been really savvy in setting up a modern supplement brand that is straightforward and delivers results. To be able to simplify something as complex as supplements into the brand she has is impressive, so she is an obvious person to take part.

Home office

GP: Any tips on finding a good work/life balance?

Georgie: It doesn’t exist but it does get easier. I’d say to prioritise the three things in life that give you the most pleasure – fit them in, diary them, and make them happen.

GP: Do you follow a nutrition plan?

Georgie: Not really. When I’m at home or at work and not socialising I watch what I eat and when I’m out I enjoy myself. And I avoid too much dairy and bad fats.

GP: Which forms of exercise do you enjoy?

Georgie: I go to the gym four or five times a week. I’m a better person when I have exercised so it’s one of the things I prioritise, even though it does make life even more of a rush. I have always done a lot of cardio but now I see a trainer twice a week for weights.


GP: Where is your favourite destination and why?

Georgie: Probably Zighy Bay in Oman. It’s remote and understated and there’s something a bit magical about it.

GP: How do you stay healthy while travelling?

Georgie: I don’t. If I’m on holiday, then I’m going to enjoy myself!

GP: Tell us a few of your beauty secrets.

Georgie: 3D Moisture Infusion Masks by Sarah Chapman genuinely work. I rave about Fresh Rose Hydrating Moisturiser and I am just getting into peels. I have it on good authority that they are the only treatment worth spending money on.

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