GP Consults: Clare + Rebecca Hopkins - Balance Me

Sisters, Clare and Rebecca Hopkins are the brains behind Balance Me, a natural skincare brand that helps to promote wellbeing. Harnessing the power of active botanicals and essential oils, their unique products are as ethical as they are effective. Here we talk to the co-founders about their approach to skin health, nutrition and balanced life.

“For a few minutes every day, we get to slow down and take care of ourselves. That’s why we created Balance Me - because skincare is self-care.”

Clare & Rebecca Hopkins

GP: Why did you start Balance Me?

Both: The quest for natural, results-driven skincare started when we left behind careers in corporate beauty and management consultancy to retrain in reflexology and yoga. We spotted a gap in the market for solutions-focused, accessible natural skincare with wellbeing at its heart, and so Balance Me was born in 2005. Balance Me stems from our mission: Individual balance = healthy, happy skin and a true sense of wellbeing. Our first capsule collection was showcased in a pop-up on London’s Oxford Street. This led to media interest including British Vogue, and the call from a major UK high street retailer to take the brand nationwide.

GP: Who inspires you?

Both: Our customers are the people who inspire us and motivate us every day. When people contact us to tell us how much they love our products; how our products have solved their skin concerns; how our products have given them confidence and how happy they are with our service. Seeing our products and our story in the press and winning prestigious awards also reminds us of what we have achieved so far and encourages us to build even more.

GP: What are your favourite products in the range?

Clare: Super Toning Body Oil is my go-to product to get my skin prepped for summer. I created this when I was 18 and have been using it ever since in conjunction with dry body brushing. It’s great for detoxing and regulating hormones. I also love our Wonder Eye Cream - it’s one of our bestsellers and helps brighten dark shadows and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Rebecca: Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm. This daily cleanser polishes skin and adds radiance, whilst being deeply hydrating and gently exfoliating. It leaves my skin looking and feeling totally refreshed. Lots of my teenage daughter’s friends suffer from breakouts and our Congested Skin Serum keeps their spots under control.

Balance me skincare

GP: What role does nutrition play in skin health?

Both: We are firm believers in a healthy, balanced diet to ensure our bodies receive the necessary nutrients. Diet helps with general wellbeing, boosts the immune system, gives you energy and helps with sleeping.

It provides skin with valuable nutrients to complement a clean and natural skincare regime. The skin is the largest organ so is the first place to show signs of fatigue, ageing and imbalance. These are the reasons why we always strive to make time to prepare home-cooked food. We love baking and don’t believe in a restrictive diet, everything in moderation.

We love our morning coffee and afternoon tea and cakes but we just make sure we balance it with lots of protein and lush, leafy greens!

Healthy eating

GP: Talk us through your day on a plate.


Clare: Natural Greek yoghurt, fruit and muesli.

Rebecca: Porridge and blueberries or eggs, avocado and rye bread.


Both: Salad or soup in the week and always something sweet with a cup of tea at 4 pm.


Both: Leafy green vegetables with whole grains and a source of lean protein. 

GP: What are the biggest challenges to running your own company?

There are many challenges, some great and some small, but probably scaling up (we’re still self-funded) and having the right people around us to support and share our vision are the biggest ones.

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