A society nutritionist who counts royals and A-list celebrities in her clientele has revealed her top tips for staying healthy during the festive season.

Gabriela Peacock, 41, who lives in Notting Hill with her husband and children has previously revealed how she advocates for a 'champagne lifestyle with healthy tweaks' for her array of high profile clients, including Princess Eugenie and Beatrice.

The Czech-born former model has a reputation for being a no-judgement nutritionist whose clients pay £270 a session to get results while still letting their hair down.

Her methods have been praised by her 'BFF' Princess Beatrice, as well as Jodie Kidd and Dame Joan Collins - with Tatler claiming the royal has her 'on speed dial anytime she needs advice on looking and feeling fabulous'.

Princess Eugenie is believe to have leaned on Gabriela to slim down ahead of her nuptials and the health guru is also reported to have helped Prince Harry drop half a stone ahead of his big day.

She was a guest at both royal weddings.

Beatrice herself said she 'really likes the GP principles because they are effective and realistic guidelines to follow no matter what you are doing in the day' while Dame Joan Collins added her tip of ‘combining fruit with protein such as live yoghurt really works for me and makes me feel energised and fabulous all day.’


1) Line your stomach with protein

Among Gabriela's tips for staying in shape for the festive season was lining your stomach with protein ahead of any night out.

Gabriela suggested reaching for a healthy snack before indulging in a boozy evening- whether it's a boiled egg, a handful of nuts or hummus and rye crackers.

She said: 'You need something high in protein to line your stomach before you drink as the amino acids (the protein particles) will help your liver as it attempts to process the booze.

'The protein will also help balance out your sugar levels, whereas if you have a lot of carb before drinking you’re just adding sugar on top of sugar.'


2) Handle a hangover with balance

While it's easy to reach for a heavy fry-up and tons of sugar when hungover, Gabriela advised it can be a recipe for disaster,

The nutritionist revealed how those craving sugary orange juice could dilute it with water for a healthy version.

Meanwhile a fried-egg sandwich could be served on brown bread with spinach as a healthier alternative.



3) Only eat within an eight-hour period

Gabriela advocates for intermittent fasting. Her book has two plans - the 4:3 and the 16:8.

The 16:8 - is a more traditional intermittent fasting plan - where people fast 16 hours a day (including sleep) and eat over eight hours.

She previously revealed: 'I find intermittent fasting is by far the best because you don't need to go to the shops and buy a special food or pay a lot of money or pay someone.

'What I love about it is just about when you're eating and how you're eating, and there are little tips around it.

'What I would say is, I would always recommend for the clients, look at my two plans, and just see which ones fits best for your lifestyle. They're both equally great they're both based on intermittent fasting, but one will work better for you than other.

'We also know intermittent fasting is a very, very healthy weight loss process.'


4) Start taking supplements

Gabriela revealed that 'all of her clients' will be taking a 'liver-supporting supplement' to help provide the body with support during the festive season.

She suggested it was an 'easy' way to give the body a helping hand during the Christmas period.

She added: 'Put them somewhere you’ll see them like on your desk and take them every day.'


5) Never drink coffee on an empty stomach

While a cuppa might feel like the perfect way to start the day, Gabriela advises against drinking coffee on an empty stomach.

She revealed how it can cause your blood sugars to spike, leaving you 'more likely' to reach for a carb-heavy meal later in the day.

Instead, she suggested swapping the heavily caffeinated drink for an antioxidant-rich green tea.

How Czech-born former model Gabriela Peacock become the go-to nutritionist for royals and A-list celebs.

Gabriela started modelling at 15, which was her first introduction to the myths around healthy eating.

She previously told FEMAIL: 'As you can imagine in the modelling industry, especially a while ago, there was a lot of myths going around how to lose weight.

'I remember being told that I cannot eat anything but green beans in order to lose weight.

I moved to London while working for the modelling agency as well, and actually started thinking about going back to school and using my brain more, to get some proper knowledge.


Whatever you put in your body will react a certain way, and you need the proper scientific background.'

Gabriela set up her own business after studying science at the University of Westminster.

And she said her success is down to understanding her clients' busy lifestyle and her flexible approach.

'You don't have to turn your life upside down,' Gabriela explained.

'Focus on small changes that people can actually achieve.

'I think that's the reason why I have a great client list, because I don't judge anyone.

'I let my clients do pretty much what they want. I obviously negotiate heavily because, because that's what I've been trained to do. But it's not good, just to have a knowledge and push it on people too much. You just need to assess as a nutritionist how far you can push someone, and I think understanding that we all want to live life.

'We all want to have fun, and my clients definitely do.

'I have a very few clients who have super clean lifestyle and I don't either.'