LORRAINE: She’s written a best-selling book, ‘2 Weeks to Feeling Great’ and she joins me now, Gabriela, it’s lovely to see you! This sounds too good to be true, in just a fortnight we can feel better?

GABRIELA: 2 weeks is actually quite a long time if you’re making small, sustainable changes which fit within your busy life. Every small change will make a big difference in accumulation, so yes! It’s very doable.

LORRAINE: So tell me about the small changes. I know i am not alone that during lockdown I’ve lost my routine. I’m eating more and not exercising as much. What should we do?

GABRIELA: It really depends on the time of the year, for example right now, before Christmas, I find that everyone is so stressed and it’s so hectic - there’s no point embarking on a strict dietary regime, perhaps January is a better time to do so. But you can still do little things before and during Christmas to balance your energy levels, sleep better and reduce stress as much as possible.

LORRAINE: So what should I be doing today to make me feel better? If I start right now and then I've got my 2 weeks?

GABRIELA: I do love different methods of intermittent fasting. First of all, I really don't like the word 'fasting' because it's really not about not eating, it's simply about managing when you're eating and perhaps the amount of calories you're eating.

For this time of the year I really like the 16:8 method of intermittent fasting because it's really easy and all it requires is for you to find an 8 hour eating during the day, during which time you eat really healthy, balanced meals.

You then have your 16 hour fasting window, most of which is while you are asleep so it's easy to make it work with your lifestyle.

I find my clients find it's not too stressful and it doesn't require too much organisation - you don't have to plan your meals too strictly so you can still enjoy the foods you love with balance.

Intermittent fasting is very healthy and incredibly effective, there are numerous health benefits and so I find that weight loss becomes an almost side effect to getting your body healthy and balanced.

There is very strong research around energy, sleep, longevity and I find my patients also see a significant improvement in their hormone balance, skin and over all mood. It's all about blood sugar balancing.

LORRAINE: So, when you say intermittent fasting you’re not talking about not eating because that’s daft, we’re talking about eating the right things at the right time, is that what it’s about?

GABRIELA: There are different methods of intermittent fasting and I’d say it’s really important to take a look at what your body needs - there’s no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition because we’re all so different and live different lives.

So I’d say that 16:8 is really lovely and gentle and perfect for most people. You’re simply, as you say, eating really nice and balanced meals but within your chosen 8-hour eating window.

LORRAINE: And what about exercise? It can be so hard to get motivated can’t it?

GABRIELA: Absolutely, but again, it’s really all about balance. There’s no point beating yourself up, especially if you’re super busy. If you can’t exercise as much at certain points of the year and especially over Christmas, go for lovely long walks with your family - it’s sociable but also great exercise. You get fresh air and it’s also great for mental health to get out of the house and see some sunshine.

There are different methods of exercise and it’s about finding what you like and what suits you and your body.

LORRAINE: Gabriela, you’ve been working with Mr Piers Morgan. Is he going to be insufferable and smug? Have you transformed him?! How have you managed to get him to cut down on the cheese and the fine wines?

GABRIELA: Oh gosh, he is my favourite - he’s fantastic! Definitely a tough one to crack but he’s great to work with. He actually listens, you’ll be surprised! 

LORRAINE: Listens to you! He’ll listen to you, that’s for sure! But he’s doing well and he’s feeling better?

GABRIELA: He is doing well and yes I think he’s feeling much better.

LORRAINE: So, you reckon in 2 weeks time you can actually make a difference to how you feel on the inside and how you look on the outside?

GABRIELA: Absolutely, if you chose a plan that works for you. Again, nutrition really shouldn’t be strict - it really is about sustainable changes. We need to be able to live life and enjoy ourselves while feeling great and every small change will make a big difference, I promise!

Gabriela Peacock and Piers Morgan at the launch event of Gabriela's book, '2 Weeks to Feeling Great'