Gabriela Peacock's guide to detoxing 2019

Here at GP Nutrition, we tend to not take life too seriously, a night out with friends, a few pieces of chocolate (or 10), or a hungover binge isn’t going to kill you. That’s why we’ve developed the philosophy that you should “Have Fun, Live Life and Go Play”. Gabriela is always saying that you need to feel your body and take action. If you feel it is time to detox - do it! If you need a day off- cut yourself some slack! With that said, it is the time of year to try to cut back on the sugar, reduce your alcohol intake, and try out that gym class. That’s why Gabrielas has created some top tips for your 2019 detox.

Start your DETOXING journey with these small tips:


  • Choose organic meats, dairy, fruit and vegetables as standard to avoid pesticides and hormones- all juicing products should be organic
  • Fruits and vegetables from every colour across each day (never cook in water- steam or stir-fry)
  • Eat cruciferous vegetables and berries daily
  • No plastic wraps/ containers/ bottles. Swap to beeswax or silicone wrap. Refil glass bottles.
  • Organic clothes wash and fabric conditioner. Natural cleaning products in the home (e.g. lemon juice and vinegar)
  • No teflon pans and very rare microwave use
  • Add spices to every meal: ginger, turmeric, coriander
  • Cook in coconut butter, organic butter, olive oil (olive oil needs to stay at fridge at all times)
  • Juices/ smoothies/ sprouts- highly concentrated source of nutrients
  • Less dairy, more houmous, nut butter and avocado


Eat more of these foods to achieve maximum results:

What to speed up the detoxing process?

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Gabriela Peacock is a London-based nutritionist well known between celebrities. She started practicing at the elite Grace Belgravia clinic as consulting her customers on stress-related weight loss problems. In 2016 she released GP Nutrition, an accessible line of supplements to broader audiences, based on her findings from her nutritional clinic.

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