How do I take them? When do I take them?

Depending on the product you’re interested in our kits contain a mix of drinks and capsules or a protein boost shake. The drink and shake should be mixed with 200 ml of cold water and the capsules should be swallowed with a drink. You should continue a normal balanced diet whilst taking our products.

Do I have to take anything else alongside the kit?

The kits are supplements to your normal lifestyle. We recommend eating healthily whilst using our supplements to maximise the results you’ll see!

Can I take these alongside medication?

It’s always good to consult a GP before starting a new health or fitness regime. However, all our products are natural with no preservatives or nasty stuff inside and generally safe to take with most medication.

Which one’s right for me?

We have products for all different lifestyle types and goals. Depending what you’re looking for from weight loss to more energy we have a product for you. Try our Diagnose Me tool for more suggestions on what could be suitable for you!

Will I feel a difference in 3 days?

This depends on the product. Generally with Clean Me, Energise Me, Protein Me, SOS Me and Glam Me you’ll feel a difference within 3 days. Our slimming products also come in 3-day kits, but you’re more likely to see results within 7 days of using them. We recommend the 3-day kits as a starter kit for your weight loss goals and then continuing on to use one of our 7 or 14-day kits.

Can I take more than one at a time?

Yes, generally it’s healthy to take more than one kit at the same time depending on what you’re looking to achieve. For best result, we’d suggest staggering which kit you take and use one at a time.

How long do I take them for?

This depends on which kit you’re interested in. Our kits range from 3 days to 28 days.

What do the drinks taste like?

Our protein drinks have a chocolatey filling flavor, our detox clean me drink has a fresh fruit taste, and our slim me drink has a Sicilian lemon undertone.

Does it contain caffeine or laxatives?

None of our products contain any added caffeine or laxatives.