KYLIE: So, with lockdowns ending, how can we reset our health and is it really that easy? 2 weeks to feeling great – that sounds like a very nice thing indeed.

GABRIELA: 2 week is actually quite a long time, especially if you’re making small but sustainable changes. These small changes, over a period of time will create a big difference. Nutrition is all about balance and there’s no point making drastic changes if they’re not sustainable. All of the changes you’re making really need to work for you and fit in with your lifestyle. 

LARRY: Part of your plan is fasting. Fasting can be a negative word for people but what are the benefits you have seen for your clients?

GABRIELA: I love fasting and I completely agree with you, the word is slightly unfortunate because it really doesn’t mean not eating, it means reducing your calorie intake or reducing the window of when you’re eating, depending on the method of intermittent fasting.

I love it because weight loss is almost a side effect of the numerous health benefits. We know intermittent fasting helps with blood sugar control. It’s strongly anti-inflammatory which helps with chronic diseases, as well as increasing energy and aiding sleep.

KYLIE: And the science is all there to back it all up. Fasting has so many health benefits. You’ve created some amazing plans and have had amazing success with your clients.

GABRIELA: I offer my clients 2 types of intermittent fasting. Again, this fits with my belief that you need to find a plan that works for you and is sustainable for you and your lifestyle. My 4:3 plan is really effective. You 'fast' for 3 non-consecutive days, and again, by fasting I don’t mean that you’re not eating, I mean consuming 500 or 600 calories per day, followed by 3 mindful days, during which you eat healthy and nutritious foods. You then have a magic day.



LARRY: You’ve got some wise words about curing a hangover! This will be very popular advice as we come out of lockdown and head to the pub again. What advice can you give us?

GABRIELA: That is a very popular question with all of my patients, as you can imagine! There are a few tips, but my favourite would be around your hangover breakfast and what it should actually be. People tend to reach for the carbohydrates, we crave carbohydrates and squishy bread but it’s really important to give your body some protein because protein is actually what helps your liver to rid the body of toxins and impurities and help you recover.

Also, hydration. Your body needs water, but if you feel like you’re craving something sugary, dilute some juice or coconut water with water to increase your hydration. I personally love hot turmeric with nut milk because it’s very comforting and when you’re hungover you want that little warm hug which this gives you, and turmeric is fantastic and anti-inflammatory which, obviously, alcohol isn’t!

And my last tip would be magnesium. It really helps to relax, and it helps with sleep too, so a warm magnesium bath would be really helpful.

KYLIE: Any quick tips you can give us to reset our bodies if we’re looking to do that right now?

GABRIELA: My favourite tips would be around blood sugar balancing. Blood sugar balancing is something I do with every single one of my patients, and these are very small changes that are very easy to make but are very effective. My first tip would be having protein with every meal, as I’ve just mentioned with curing a hangover. It’s really important to prevent cravings while keeping your energy levels nice and balanced.

Also, don’t drink caffeine on an empty stomach. Caffeine, sadly, releases sugar which is stored in your liver and will cause a spike, followed by a quick dip which is hard on the body. And then fruit, that’s quite common with my patients, they eat fruit on an empty stomach with nothing else. Again, fruit really needs a protein as well, it’s very good for us, but it’s just sugar. So have your fruit but with some nuts and seeds, a piece of cheese or even a small yogurt.