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Enhance Me - 14 Days - Old Stock

£55.00 £10.00 3 for 2 Promotion - Limited Offer

Enhance Me - 14 Days - Old Stock Enhance Me - 14 Days - Old Stock

Enhance Me - 14 Days - Old Stock

£55.00 £10.00 3 for 2 Promotion - Limited Offer


Your inside-out nutrient-boosting formula for healthy hair and skin.

Let's face it: everybody wants a youthful complexion. We want clearer, radiant skin, complemented by nourished hair and strong nails. But beauty certainly isn't only skin deep, and the rest of your body needs just as much attention. 
Enhance Me has therefore been designed to revitalise you from the inside, giving you all the nutrients you need to look and feel great.

Note: The printed expiry date on this product indicates end November 2017. However, we have completed laboratory tests and have officially extended this product to end September 2018.  Alternatively, try New Energise Me, with 3 years shelf life.

How it works

Enhance Me is a blended formula that mimics the way your own body replenishes the derma of the skin while supporting healthy hair. Powerful ingredients nourish at a deep cellular level to encourage clear, glowing skin and luxuriant hair, while at the same time supporting brain function, metabolism and immune defences. Enhance Me is the ultimate restorative, look-good-feel-fabulous nutritional supplement.

How to take

Take capsules with a drink, meal or snack. Mix the powder in 200ml of cold water or a drink of your choice, and stir to dissolve. 

The Enhance Me programme is available in either a 14 or 28-day supply of individual daily doses, each consisting of 1 powder sachet and 1 sachet with your pills. Combine with +Boost Me the protein and superfood shake to supercharge results.




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