GPN is the ideal way to offset the lifestyle of someone who has never instagrammed an avocado and who doesn’t know what a quinoa is.

Jeremy Clarkson

Broadcaster, Journalist and Writer

Gabriela's Restore Me package has worked wonders - after having a baby I felt exhausted and run down in the months that followed. Since taking her supplements I feel energised, focused and much healthier all around.

Serena Hood

Executive Fashion Editor, Vogue

I love the tailor made approach of GP Nutrition supplements... it removes all the second guessing of what I should be taking, perfectly packaged for our busy lifestyles ... brilliant!

Amanda Wakeley

Fashion Designer

Highly effective supplements.

James Blunt


I love the Restore Me vitamins and Boost Me protein, great for travelling.

Millie Mackintosh

Entrepreneur, Designer and Model

I absolutely adored the Restore Me supplements. I found myself feeling more energised and surprisingly more calm. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Tamara Beckwith

“Gabriela has been fantastic in advising me on my diet and what works best for my own personal goals. Day to day I am feeling more energized, focused and generally much healthier.

Jacquetta Wheeler

Fashion Model

Gabriela inspires me to follow her programme which fits easily into my busy schedule and has provided positive changes to my lifestyle.

Anna Friel


A great and helpful reminder on how we can all maintain a healthier diet with a hectic schedule.

Donna Air

Actress, Presenter and Broadcaster

I am so impressed by Gabriela's combination of science, common sense, and intuition…within a couple of weeks I felt rebalanced, revitalised and set up with nutritional tools for life.

Laura Bailey

Model, Writer and Contributing Editor to British Vogue

Gabi has helped me add new things into my lifestyle to make me feel stronger and boost my energy levels whilst on the go.

Katherine Jenkins

Classical Singer

My consultation with Gabriela was amazing.

Jodie Kidd

Model and Television Presenter

Gabriela has managed to steer me in the right direction of healthier eating… I am a convert.

Patrick Cox


I had a great consultation with Gabi, she was helpful in explaining every aspect of nutrition and how it may affect us in our day to day lives.

Ollie Proudlock

Made in Chelsea Star and Founder of Serge DeNimes

Gabriela has transformed the way I think about and approach food. I’ve learned so much through her sessions, especially about the science of it all. I already feel (and look) so much better!

Serena Nikkhah

Executive Fashion Editor, Vogue