THE Omega

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"Nothing like the cod liver oil we were forced to take as children! Managing hormones now going through the menopause was my goal and these certainly haven't disappointed. No nasty aftertaste either which is a bonus! I now subscribe so I never run out." - Sarah C

Introducing THE Omega. 

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid (EFA) - a superior nutrient for hormone balance, brain health and to support hair and nails with endless anti-inflammatory properties for greater wellness. 

EPA and DHA are the two components that make up Omega 3 and both are referred to as 'essential' as the body is unable to produce them. DHA is a structural component of the human brain and requires a constant supply of fatty acids for cognitive function while aiding concentration, focus and memory. 

Essential fatty acids form the building blocks that make hormones as well as allowing them to signal their messages across the body effectively while contributing to healthy cholesterol, eye health, the immune system, regulating mood and energy production. 

Our new essentials range has been curated with busy lifestyles in mind to make adding healthy, sustainable habits to your routine easier and more inclusive than ever before!

Not suitable for Vegans.

Contains 28 servings.

Why You’ll Love It

THE Omega contains a pure and potent dose of EPA and DHA formulated with responsibly and sustainably sourced marine Omega, perfect for daily supplementation. 

When Would I Take This?

As this product is formulated using a food source, it can be taken at any time of the day. All of our capsules are formulated at optimum dosages so we recommend that you take them with food and not on an empty stomach. 

How To Use

Take with water, daily.  


EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid), DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), Capsule shell (Gelatin (bovine), Glycerol), Antioxidant (Mixed tocopherols).


& Anxiety

Balance your mood reducing stress and anxiety while improving sleep

& Resilience

Support and strengthen your immune system and internal defences

& Active

Boosts your energy reducing tiredness and fatigue

Weight Loss
& Metabolism

Natural way to speed up your metabolism and for healthy weight loss

& Gut Health

Support your digestive system and gut health for the long term

& Mental Clarity

Helps increase memory reducing brain fog and sharpening mental focus

& Flexibility

Fight inflammation improving your mobility and joint health

& Collagen

Strengthen and rejuvenate your skin for a beauty boost from within