Why Getting Personalised Nutrition Advice is Important

We all know we should be trying to eat a healthy balanced diet, get enough protein, drink enough water and get some exercise. But for some of us we need a little bit of extra guidance. Just like you might get a personal trainer at the gym to help you achieve your goals, getting advice from a Nutrition professional can help you understand your body and how to look after it better.

+From a Nutritionist or Nutritional Therapists perspective personalised nutrition means:
+Developing unique guidelines for every individual.
+Specific recommendations based on lifestyle, history, and goals.
+Tailoring a ‘generic’ wellbeing plan to suit you.

For example: Intermittent fasting has been demonstrated to have multiple health benefits including weight management, cardiovascular health improvements, energy level balancing and improvements in sleep (to name a few). But, the manner in which you follow a fasting pattern and the nutritional support and advice you will need as an individual will vary, not only between people, but also with time. What suited you two years ago may no longer be what fits and works for you now. 

So how would a Nutrition Professional go about creating a bespoke plan just for you? Lucky for you Team GP has more than one Nutrition Expert on hand, and our lovely in-house Nutritionist has provided an overview of what to expect if you're thinking about getting some personalised nutrition advice:

Step One: Think About Your Goals
What is it you want to achieve? Nutrition and what we eat impacts so many aspects of life: From general health and wellbeing, better focus, improved sleep to weight management and hormonal balancing. It’s a lot to process and often we try and take on too much at once and make too many changes. Try to prioritise your goals, a nutrition professional will be able to help direct towards goals which work well together and can be achieved simultaneously in a manageable and sustainable way.

Step Two: Seek Professional Advice
Nutritional Therapists and Nutritionists have a wealth of knowledge that enables them to understand and support you through any dietary or lifestyle change that could help to improve your health, wellbeing or specific goals. They’ve spent years studying, practicing and honing their skills, so don’t feel down that you were unable to grasp the best way to support your health from reading 3 blogs. There is a wealth of confusing and contradictory information out there, and our team can help to clear the irrelevant or nonsensical info and focus in on you and the real life changes that can have a positive impact for you.

Step Three: Seek Professional Advice
Be prepared to make changes, form new habits and be completely open and honest with your practitioner, they can only support what you tell them! And there’s never any judgement, just encouragement to help you and support your wellbeing. For example: Ensuring you have sufficient water intake. You are eating sufficient food to fuel your body. Getting enough and the right nutrients from your diet to support your health. Or bringing awareness and making changes to any habits that are negatively impacting you

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