Lockdown 2.0

With Lockdown 2.0 officially here I think we can all safely say this year has not turned out how any of us planned. But, instead of mulling over what could have been and getting frustrated, we’re trying to do our best to keep active, keep motivated and keep healthy.

From the lockdown period earlier in the year we’ve learnt that you are more resilient than you ever thought possible. You’ve adapted to new routines, created healthy habits to stay well, and even figured out how to juggle a work/life/family balance all under one roof! All-in-all we’ve all learnt a lot about ourselves this year.

But, with the weather colder and the days shorter this time round we wanted to offer some positivity in the form of a few wise words from our founder:

Do stick to healthy meals as a routine, lots of vegetables [fresh or frozen], lean proteins and wholegrains.
Don’t feel guilty about getting a takeout, enjoying a pastry or a glass of wine. It’s all about balance.

Do try and get outside everyday for just ten minutes, walking, gardening, jogging, playing.
Don’t feel you have to suddenly commit to a specific and intense exercise regime. Whatever you CAN manage; yoga before WFH, a run before lunch; a walk to the postbox; or HIIT while the kids eat their tea is okay.

Do stick to routines you had before: set an alarm in the morning, go to bed at normal time during the week.
Don’t feel guilty for having a lay in or taking a nap - sometime we just need to listen to our bodies and what they need.

Do break out last year's jigsaw, binge that netflix series or pick up that book you never managed to get in Lockdown 1.0.
Don’t feel you have to start anything or finish any at home projects you do start- there'll always be a rainy day next year when you need something to do.

Do embrace new lockdown trends: macromai, sourdough, banana bread, tiktok dancing.
Don’t worry if you’re rubbish at all of them and stop after one try- as long as you enjoyed the experience and let off some steam.

Do turn off social media and news if that helps to support your mental health.
Don’t feel pressured into online communications if that’s not what you need right now- zoom isn't going anywhere.

Do limit alcohol intake.
Don’t stop enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner.

Do keep up with friends and family when you feel you have space for them.
Do open up to those close to you about stresses/worries/anxieties.

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