GP Meal Replacement Shakes your most FAQs

Why did you chose those 3 protein sources?(pea protein, brown rice protein, sunflower seed protein)
We made sure to choose Vegan protein sources so that our GP complete is suitable for everyone, no matter their dietary or lifestyle choices/requirements including those that are soy free! 
The range of proteins [all complete proteins] ensures you get enough of all the amino acids plus the added benefits of the naturally occurring B & E vitamins and healthy fats [poly & unsaturated fatty acids]
Whole oats: what are they for? 
A natural source of B vitamins, fibre and an extremely healthy source of carbohydrates, these oats help to balance GP Complete making it more than just your everyday protein shake! 
Oats help to slow the digestion process, stabilising blood sugar levels after your GP complete shake [this means you avoid those energy crashes we all know too well] 
Why Psyllium husk fibre: what are the health benefits? 
- This is a form of fibre. It helps to keep your gut healthy by ensuring healthy digestional transit [a.k.a keeps things moving] and is an excellent food source for your gut microbiome [prebiotic] which feeds off the fibre that we can't digest and produces a wonderful array of other healthy breakdown products that are absorbed by our gut. 
- Helps us to attain that recommend 30g fibre per day, the easy way
Why Flaxseeds: What are the health benefits?
- Are a fantastic source of fibre, like psyllium husks
- They are also a great vegan friendly source of omega-3s and lignans. 
All three of these work towards supporting good digestive health and heart health. As well as keeping you feeling full and satisfied
What are Coconut Oil MCTs: why are they included?
MCT's [Medium chain triglycerides] a.k.a coconut oil, provides a healthy fat source in the shake which not only directly aids satiety in the body, but also helps to slow digestion and create a steady slow energy release from your shake, not only keeping you satisfied and fuller for longer but also helping to balance blood sugar levels and prevent those nasty energy dips after meal times! 
Consuming MCT's have also been linked to good brain [cognitive] health and heart health! 
Why does it work well with alternate day fasting schedules of intermittent fasting?
Taking GP Complete on a fasting day [500kcal day] means you don't have to think about food on that day, we found that it's easier to have two shakes and some veg on your fasting day is just easier then deliberating over foods and being tempted by the fridge and cupboard as we cook! It also ensures you get all your essential nutrients in whilst fasting, so you're not missing out! 
Why is GP Complete a great alternative to a meal/snack when you're busy? 
GP complete is....Nutritionally complete!! It provides you with a quick and easy solution to a meal that fills you up, doesn't spike blood sugar levels and so keeps your energy levels stable until your next meal. With added vitamins and minerals it also ensures you're not missing out on all those important nutrients you normally get from a balanced meal. Keeping you in top shape on the go, or on the sofa depending on when you find yourself unable to craft an insta-worthy plate! 
Can you mix GP Complete with milk instead of water? 
Yes of course, we love mixing our Vanilla GP complete with Oat milk for a delicious frothy and filling lunch. Adding your favourite milk does mean you're adding calories to the shake, plus protein and carbohydrates too! So pick your favourite and just keep that in mind.
Can you use GP Complete post-workout instead of a protein shake?
Does GP Complete contain any sweeteners?
Yes, Steviol glycosides

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