Detox Swaps For A Healthy January


As we speed into the New Year and leave the festive season behind, it’s a great chance for our bodies to re-set and refresh. There’s different ways in which we can support our own internal detoxifying systems and the health of our liver. Overloading our bodies with rich foods and booze can be detrimental to our health, and simply make it a lot harder for our body to function properly.

Our Nutrition Team are going to tell you simple switches to kickstart healthy habits in 2021!


+ Swap G&T for Seedlip or non-alcoholic gin. 

To give your body a break from booze and support the recovery of your liver post-festive season, a swap to seedlip or other non-alcoholic versions of Gin can make a big difference in how you feel. By giving you more energy, balancing your blood sugars and reducing your calorie intake from alcohol. The liver is a very forgiving organ and can actually re-generate and heal itself, which is why this is so important after a booze filled Christmas!

+ Swap Fizzy drinks for Lemon water.

Fizzy drinks are packed with refined sugar and caffeine, which can disrupt both our sleep, and our blood sugar levels. By swapping to sparkling water with a squeeze of lemon will help to bring your blood sugars back into balance and give you an added dose of Vitamin C, which is important for a variety of body functions, including our immune systems.



+ Swap cookies/biscuits for a high protein chocolate shake.

Instead of reaching for another chocolate digestive biscuit, why not swap for a high protein chocolate shake? The shake is refined sugar free and packed with magnesium due to the cocoa, to help you feel your best, and get enough of this incredibly important mineral, needed for over 300 enzyme reactions. Just mix our amazing chocolate protein powder [link product] with your fave milk/mylk, shake well and enjoy!



+ Swap Mayo for smashed Avocado

Mayo is full of calories and little nutritional value. By swapping this spread with avocado, you will still get the creamy texture but also the added dose of healthy fats, nutrients and a great way to support blood sugar balance.

+ Swap pasta for spiralized courgette.

This swap can save you around 400 calories, plus is naturally gluten free and high in vitamins and minerals, and a great way to sneak more veggies into your diet. Over the festive season we all consume more carbohydrates than usual and this is a great swap to switch it up and consume a more nutrient dense meal.



+ Swap your usual Multivitamin, for a liver loving supplement like Clean Me

Clean Me combines liver loving vitamins and nutrients which makes it perfect for a health kickstart into the New Year. This supplement is packed with Choline, Zinc, Vitamin C and Magnesium to support normal liver function, immune health and electrolyte balance. It also contains incredible superfood extracts, like Artichoke, Prune, Green Tea and Fig, to nourish you from within!

+ Swap your usual takeaway for a healthier option or 'fake-away'

Instead of your usual takeaway, why not try a healthier option? Instead of ordering white rice with your curry, try the brown rice. Choose a thin crust pizza over the thick crust. Have the fresh rice paper rolls, rather than the deep fried rolls. Choose oven baked sweet potato wedges over fried chips. There are many ways to still enjoy a takeaway, but make it a little healthier for you!


+ Swap Rice for Quinoa

By swapping rice for quinoa, you are consuming a high amount of fibre, protein, iron, magnesium, folate, zinc and B2. Quinoa is also a complete protein source, meaning it contains all of your essential amino acids, ideal for vegetarians or vegans!

+ Swap two slices of bread for one (open-faced sandwiches)

This swap will help you to feel healthier in the New Year. By eating your sandwiches open-faced, you’re instantly cutting your bread calories in half, saving at least 100 calories or so. Plus if you make the bread whole-wheat or rye, you are helping your blood sugars by avoiding white refined carbohydrates.



+ Swap the TV for walks in nature.

During the festive season, we all love to watch good TV and movies together. In the New Year, try to spend more time outside. Instead of sitting down again to watch something, try using the time to go for a walk instead. This is great for our mental health but also gets our bodies moving, helps with our blood sugar levels (especially if walks are after meals), and generally keeps us feeling much healthier.


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