GP Complete: Chocolate & Salted Caramel Meal Replacement Shakes


At only 209 calories per shake, our GP Complete shakes are the perfect partner to our intermittent fasting plans, a calorie-controlled diet or for when you need a boost on the go.

This plant-based shake combines a range of high-quality vegan protein sources (pea protein, brown rice protein & sunflower seen protein) with psyllium husk fibre and flaxseeds to support muscle recovery and digestion. As well as over 24 essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamin D, C, Zinc, Iron, B Vitamins, Selenium and Calcium.


Why You’ll Love It

You can enjoy the delicious chocolate & salted caramel flavour knowing it contains only the highest quality vegan-friendly ingredients. No added sugar, clean and balanced with no compromise on flavour and 21g of protein per 57g serving.

How To Take

Delicious when shaken with water but also with your favourite plant milk (or milk alternative!). Can also be stirred into oats to make protein oats and used in protein snack recipes as you would with other protein powders.

When Would I Take This?

Our GP Complete shakes can be enjoyed at any time of the day but are the perfect complete meal if you’re on the go!

How To Use

Stir your GP Complete into water or almond milk (or your favourite milk alternative) for the perfect breakfast or snack on the go, or add to your favourite sweet treat recipes for an extra protein boost.

Tastes like

An indulgent chocolate milkshake. Blend with almond milk for extra creaminess!


& Anxiety

Balance your mood reducing stress and anxiety while improving sleep

& Resilience

Support and strengthen your immune system and internal defences

& Active

Boosts your energy reducing tiredness and fatigue

Weight Loss
& Metabolism

Natural way to speed up your metabolism and for healthy weight loss

& Gut Health

Support your digestive system and gut health for the long term

& Mental Clarity

Helps increase memory reducing brain fog and sharpening mental focus

& Flexibility

Fight inflammation improving your mobility and joint health

& Collagen

Strengthen and rejuvenate your skin for a beauty boost from within