The superpower of selenium: the ultimate health and beauty boost

Selenium is a trace mineral found naturally in the soil and in foods such as sardines, mushrooms, grass-fed beef and barley. It’s a powerful antioxidant and a super supplement for your diet – and it's vital for keeping your body toxin-free.

The superpower of selenium

Selenium may be a bit of an unknown, but it's a superpower when it comes to keeping you healthy. Selenium works with vitamin E as an antioxidant to help combat free radicals in your body, keeping your immune system strong and encouraging your body to fight off viruses. Selenium helps to fight inflammation of the arteries, which helps blood flow and improves cardiovascular function. The mineral has also been linked to boosting fertility in men and women.

When it comes to your thyroid, selenium is your best friend. The mineral acts as a catalyst for the production of active thyroid hormones, kick-starting your metabolism. It's a great superfood to seek out if you’re trying to drop a couple of pounds because it can help your body process fats and carbohydrates cleanly.

Selenium won’t just have you feeling good, it will have you looking fabulous too. This mineral helps guard your skin against the ageing process, reducing the appearance of fine lines and giving you a glowing, youthful complexion.

Daily dosage

Experts recommend getting a minimum of 55mgs of selenium per day. Pregnant and breastfeeding women need slightly more; if you're trying for a baby or nursing, aim to get around 60mgs. Work a daily dose into your diet by snacking on sunflower seeds, a lunch of asparagus and runny poached eggs, or shrimp lightly fried in flax seed oil with garlic.

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