Active Ingredients: give your tummy some love with figs and prunes

Figs and prunes are classic autumnal fruits packed with rich juicy flavours that'll remind you of your favourite Malbec. As well as being delicious, they also do great things for your gut.

Your digestive tract is where most of the magic happens when it comes to your body's nutrition. Figs and prunes both contain enzymes that nourish the gut mucosa: the layer of your intestine that absorbs all the good stuff from digested food. Figs and prunes also encourage your body to absorb more water, keeping you hydrated. And they're known to relieve bloating and encourage a flat stomach. Both fruits have their own individual benefits too.

Health benefits of prunes

These dried plums have become unfashionable in recent years. Studies show that women aged 25 to 54 don't think that highly of them, but we think it's time to bring them back. Their soluble fibre keeps your blood sugar steady and helps you feel fuller after a meal, so you're less likely to snack. They can also lower cholesterol, strengthen bones and make you feel happier due to their high beta-carotine content.

Health benefits of figs

Figs are packed with minerals, fibre and antioxidants. They're also a natural source of prebiotics, which feed the good bacteria in your gut and keep your digestive system healthy. They're high in potassium, helping to lower blood pressure, and they contain the antioxidant vitamins A, E, K, which keeps you looking youthful. They also share a lot of benefits with prunes: strengthening bones, keeping you fuller for longer and making sure your digestive system ticks along nicely.

Squeezing them into your diet

Fresh figs are a real seasonal treat and only appear in markets from August to October. During the rest of the year you can find them tinned or dried, just like prunes. The dried fruits can be added to savoury stews and curries for a sweet and sour tang, or diced and mixed in with your morning muesli. Tinned fruits are rich and juicy – perfect for serving like a compote on top of natural Greek yoghurt.

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