Active Ingredients: fabulous flax seeds

Loved by health blogs and heralded as one of the best plant superfoods you can eat, flax seeds more than live up to the hype. Let’s take a closer look at what’s so amazing about this unassuming little seed.

Spotlight on flax seed

Sometimes known as linseeds, flax seeds may be small and fairly innocuous-looking, but they have a rich history. In fact, they’ve been consumed for around 6,000 years and have long been celebrated for their powerful health benefits. It’s said that King Charlemagne was such a huge fan that he even passed a law dictating that his subjects had to eat them.

What are the benefits of flax seed oil?

Alpha-Linolenic acid (ALA) is an omega 3 essential fatty acid; it's our hero when it comes to repairing skin and its elasticity, as well as improving collagen production. Flax seed oil is an incredibly rich source of ALA, making it a skin-saving superfood. 'Good fats' like omega 3s have also been reported to keep brains and hearts fighting fit. They can also improve mood and give hair strength and shine.

Flax seeds also contain a higher amount of lignans than any other food. Lignans have antioxidant as well as phytoestrogen properties, which help your body to fight against free radicals.

Working flax seed into your diet

The great thing about this little health food is that it’s so versatile. Get creative and add it to your favourite meals to benefit from its many nutritional advantages.

Why not add a subtle crunch to sandwiches, salads and soups with a sprinkling of seeds? Toast them lightly for a deliciously crispy topping. For baking, grind flax seeds and use them in your muffin mixture. Give your morning smoothie a bountiful boost by whizzing a couple of tablespoons of flax seed oil in with yoghurt and two or three of your favourite fruits. The yoghurt helps to emulsify the oil, improving its digestion and metabolism. A smooth way of incorporating flax seed oil into your diet is with our Enhance Me supplement. This revitalising formula gives hair and skin some natural TLC by mimicking the body’s own replenishing processes. Capsules can be taken alone or powder mixed with a refreshing juice for a surcharged nutrient boost.