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Nine Tricks to Help You Lose Weight Without Interrupting Your Netflix Binge!

We all know how addictive TV can be, especially at the moment. There’s Love Island, Better Call Saul,  the new Orange Is The New Black (shocker, right?). And at least 10 other shows that it’s just so hard to stay away from...But all that TV has its downsides. For one, if you’ve spent the last few weeks glued to Netflix you probably haven’t seen much daylight. I’m willing to bet eating healthily and looking amazing hasn’t been top of your mind either.

After all, there’s just so much drama going on in that favorite show of yours, there’s not much time to think about anything else. The breakups, the new love triangles...they pull you in and keep you stuck to the sofa nervously crunching on that popcorn...

But hold on.  As fun as all that TV is, it doesn’t have to send you into full pyjama-mode. I have a few tricks to share that will have you feeling great and losing a few pounds without dropping your sofa-time completely

Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest you spend all your life in the gym. Fun’s important, right?

Follow these nine simple tricks to shift that extra weight, feel confident enough to wear shorts and...drumroll… even dig out that bikini!


1. Water

I know, boring! But water is really good for you - so just hear me out.

How does water help you lose weight?  

It washes all the waste, toxins and impurities out of your system. If you’re a bit hot and swollen after all those summer days on the sofa guzzling prosecco, it’ll help bring that swelling right down.  An extra two litres of hydration a day will have you going to the loo way more too – meaning you get an extra exercise bonus if you have an upstairs bathroom.

Keep your water bottle filled up and take it with you wherever you go.

Still think water’s too boring?  Add large slices of cucumber or raspberries and strawberries to give it some yummy natural flavour. You could even imagine it’s a Pimms...delicious!

2. Walk…More!

Even if you can’t face the gym and hate getting sticky and sweaty, you can still exercise. Let walking become your best friend.  

Not only is walking good for you, it’s fun! To make it more interesting, just plug your wireless headphones into your iPhone and fire up your favourite Spotify list.  

Or maybe you’d prefer a good gossip while you walk?  Call up your friends to chat and you won’t even notice you’re actually doing EXERCISE!

Take yourself out on a 30-minute walk every day.  You don’t need to power walk (although it helps if you do). 30 minutes a day doesn’t sound like much much but it’s enough to burn 560 calories a week. Won’t be long until you’re a real beach babe showing off a flat tummy…

3. Pie-Off Carbs to 11am-2pm

Whatever you might have heard, you don’t have to cut out carbs.

BUT you should limit them. Ideally, eat carbs only between 11 am and 2 pm. That means you can still indulge in a tasty, carby lunch whenever you like.

Eating carbs late in the day means your body has no time to burn them off so you’re more likely to keep your weight on or...sorry to say, even put on more. Stop eating carbs by 2 pm and you’ll have hours to burn them off. Win-win.

Try it! Switch your favourite jacket potato or pasta to lunch and stick with lean meat and vegetables for dinner.

4.  Eat Chocolate

Yup, you read that right!  

Before you get too excited, we’re not talking about a big variety pack of your old favourites. Instead, switch your milk chocolate to dark and make sure it’s good quality (look for at least 70% cacao).

Be careful’s easy to eat too much.

In small quantities, dark chocolate helps stop your blood sugar levels spiking. Without that spike, you don’t get the cravings and you don’t overeat.

Stick to 30g - which means 170 calories. And enjoy it…

5. Rock a Bikini

Yes, you can wear a skimpy bikini!

You can even get your body bikini-ready in just 7 days, with a little help from the Bikini Me supplement.  This is the quick-fix you’ve been looking for: no more boring gym workouts and not feeling hungry all day.

Bikini Me works by restricting your appetite while giving you energy. That means you won’t be tempted to reach for those naughty snacks or feel like you’re dying of hunger.

If you really want to get into those bum-shorts or thong bikini, and feel great while you’re at it, this is the trick for you!  It won’t be long before your taking Instagram selfies.

Bikini Me 7 Day Kit

6. Don’t Miss Breakfast

We know how tempting it is to skip breakfast and load up on coffee instead.

But if you want to have a great day out or go partying with your pals you really need breakfast to kick-start your metabolism. If you don’t eat at all, there’s nothing to burn off.

Skip breakfast and you’ll feel slow and lethargic by 11.00am. And that means you end up desperately reaching for a few choccy biccies or a chocolate bar because you just need some fast energy.

Eat a filling breakfast and this doesn’t happen.

Go for porridge with berries, banana with Greek yoghurt, eggs on wholemeal toast – all good metabolism-boosters that’ll keep you full until lunch.

7. Dump The Sugary Drinks

Love Coke?  Can’t get enough of Fanta or Sprite?  Sugar-filled fizzy drinks just add extra calories that your body doesn’t need.

Try something a bit more nutritious. Make your own smoothies with skimmed milk, fresh fruit, and natural yoghurt.  No need to add sugar - the fruit has its own natural sweetness.

8.  Get Your Zees

Swerve clubbing, turn off the TV (you don’t need another Black Mirror episode!) and go to bed. And doesn’t a nice lie-in sound nice?  

If you don’t sleep enough, the chances are you’ll feel hungrier faster. That’s because your body feels tired, and when you’re knackered, you want to eat larger portions and sugary snacks to give you a bit of energy.  By sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night you won’t feel as hungry. Simples.

Stick your eye mask on, put your iPhone on “do not disturb”, and update your status to “I’m sleeping”. Just sleep!

9.  Swap Out Your Cooking Fat

Love cooking?  

Think about what you’re cooking with. Sunflower and olive oil both have more calories than you need.

Give avocado oil a try instead. One tablespoon is just 25 calories and it’s a heart-healthy fat too. You can still have that fry up!

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