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Beach, Please!

Last minute tips to be beach body ready

OK, it is getting late. The holiday is booked and there is no time for the three months, six weeks, or any diet now…But, there is time to make yourself look and feel great. And the NEW Bikini Me is here to help you make the most of your summer - with a flatter tummy and increased energy in less than a week.

The new, limited edition formula will make all the difference, giving you the confidence to get out there and enjoy some summer fun. Leaner, sculpted and with renewed energy, this is a great way to boost your metabolism, decrease appetite and prepare for those long days in the sun, as well as some romantic, warm nights! Just add a golden tan – fake is safe – a bright smile, and step out boldly into the sunshine.

Of course, it makes sense to eat sensibly, drink plenty of water and cut back on the alcohol, before flying. And remember - food is a major contributor to how we feel, not just how we look.  And if we bear this in mind and add that other major feel-good factor – exercise – we have the major ingredients for a happy, healthy summer.

We all know that when we are feeling and looking our best, confidence rises and we have the energy to go out and make the best of the sun.  Which brings us to looking good and feeling content with our appearance. Luckily, this summer there are styles that will show off the best of everybody type – shorts, midriffs, boobs and bums.  There is no need to follow one trend as you can make the most of what you have and what you like.

The good news is that there are positive, simple steps that we can take that can increase our confidence and appreciation of life. Worth a try?

5 Tips for Happiness

  1. Pay attention to your diet, eating regularly, including plenty of fruit, vegetables and fibre in your diet. Consider adding supplements designed for your individual needs to give you additional support and added benefits. Eat foods you enjoy and experiment with new flavours – think colour, spices and happiness on a plate! Or even throw Bikini Me into the mix. You'll never feel hungry and see the difference super fast – feeling lighter, trimmer and full of energy, ready to make the most of the summer – at work, or play.
  1. Exercise regularly and find a sport or activity that gives you pleasure.  Mix activities such as yoga, running, swimming and the gym until you find the right mix for long-term commitment. Exercise should not be a chore and should be something to look forward to – if you hate the gym, go dancing. If you love the countryside, join a walking group. If exercise is just not for you, studies have shown that walking, climbing and housework do the job as well – plus you will have a clean, happy home!
  1. Eat, exercise and socialise with friends.  Meeting people and sharing experiences enhance feelings of happiness and self-worth.  Organise a get together with friends, or invite a new colleague for a coffee. Think about expansion, opening your heart to others and sharing smiles and laughter.
  1. Gratitude and appreciation for what you have leads to feelings of contentment and satisfaction.  Take time to list all that you have – health, family friends, a beautiful sunset, a sunny day, the sound of the birds….You do not have to reject the material world but just take a step back. Instead of appreciating ‘what’ you can buy, maybe recognise your ability to make a purchase due to your hard work, or good fortune. You are worth it and we all deserve a treat!
  1.  Try and schedule in some rest time.  Having fun in the sun may mean less sleep. But, a nap during the day can help you feel fresh and rested and make up for some of that lost sleep.  Or, maybe give your mind a rest, with some quiet time – there are a number of Apps that will help you recover your calm and give you a touch of Zen!
  1. Think happiness!  Have you heard of happiness therapy?  Or, laughter yoga? Instead of concentrating or trying to understand why you may be feeling low, look at what makes you happy. Concentrate on a memory that made you feel good – holding hands, a beautiful flower, a look of joy in a loved ones face…Smile, laugh, dance and play joyful music. Try it – it works (and don’t worry about being silly – that’s part of the plan)!

Remember - body confidence is about caring for you – being happy with who you are and enjoying life. Looking after your body by keeping safe in the sun, staying healthy,  making sure you use high factor sunscreen, keeping the water flowing and taking time to relax. This will help you make the most of the summer – whether at work or away. Investing in what makes you feel good, stay healthy and will send messages to the brain, that you care about yourself.

With this summer’s fashion focusing on the midline, a flatter tummy is a must – emphasising curves and shape. There are bikinis and swimsuits in shapes to suit all, highlighting areas you like and camouflaging those that you are less keen on… Try before you buy, and you will find the style that will have you walking confidently to the pool and bar.

And, if you are looking for a holdall that will go with your new bikini and take you from the beach to partying – the exclusive Bikini Beach canvas beach tote, in green or pink, is a must. The generous size and zip-lock inner pocket are designed to keep your essentials in one safe place and look great with any outfit. A treat for you, or a fantastic, original summer gift.

Summer is for living and by starting now, you will be ready to enjoy the long hot days and hotter nights that are coming your way.

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