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3 Aphrodisiacs to get you in the mood for Valentine's Day

As Valentine’s day approaches, there are many things we can do to get us in the mood for romance.  Surprisingly, nutrition can play a huge part in our love lives, and there are certain foods that can definitely get us ready for love.


Aphrodisiacs are foods and substances which kick your libido into action. In today’s post we’ve listed three of our favourite aphrodisiacs that you can try this Valentine’s Day for the steamiest celebration of love yet.


Also known as the ‘wolf berry’ these fruits will get you howling with excitement. Used as an ancient sexual tonic throughout Asia, Goji’s are highly respected for boosting your sex drive and known to help increase testosterone levels. They are also a Vitamin C powerhouse so will boost your energy, and your immune system.



Rhodiola is a powerful adaptogen known as the ‘golden root’. It’s great for boosting energy levels, aiding mental clarity and helping you feel refreshed. A renewed sense of energy is great for enhancing your libido.



Known as the superfood of the Gods, cacao can create a feeling of bliss and euphoria when taken. Cacao increases your dopamine and serotonin levels which creates a state of happiness and arousal within the body. When used in raw chocolate, it’s rich taste and texture will stimulate the mind and body, and heighten the senses.

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