Getting pumped: my workout routine

Working out in the morning is a sure-fire way to feel your best first thing and set yourself up for a productive day. Here are some of my workout routine secrets to help you tackle the day head-on:

How do I prepare for a morning workout?

Firstly, I have a light meal to give me some energy. I love to have a chia pot with fresh fruit (I soak the chia in almond milk to soften it) and some coconut water to replenish hydration lost overnight. I’ll indulge in a full breakfast once my workout is done. I always do some deep breathing and stretching first thing too – it helps me get in the zone.

What exercise do I do?

I swear by Pilates for toning, lengthening and stretching my muscles, and strengthening my core. I also make sure to include some cardio in my daily routine, to get that heart rate pumping. Then I’ll go running or do some boxing. It’s important to find an exercise that keeps you motivated – it’ll make getting out of bed in the morning so much easier!

Some of my favourite exercises

Pilates can be done in any space – lie on your back and lift the hips into a high arch. Return the back to the floor vertebrae by vertebrae. Repeat eight times. This helps to mobilise the back and strengthen the core. Lunges are a great way to tone legs and build muscle. Use ankle weights and try for sets of 20.

Planks work the whole body. Start on your elbows and work towards balancing on your arms. For proper form, try not to raise your bum too much – focus on being a long, straight line. How do I end my workout? I always stretch – it’s perfect for winding down and reducing any build-up in the muscles. Then I’ll have a Protein Shake with my Boost Me supplement to help restore my body after a workout. If the day has you feeling more tired than usual, Restore Me is great for regaining energy and stabilising sleep patterns.