In Conversation with Amanda Wakeley

Renowned fashion designer Amanda Wakeley has recently debuted her new initiative, Wakeley Wellbeing. This series of London events welcomes speakers, including Gabriela Peacock, to discuss health and self-care. Here Amanda reveals her passion for helping women be the best that they can be.

What is Wakeley Wellbeing?

For me, the Wakeley experience is as much about how you feel as it is about how you look. So expanding on that concept I wanted to explore how we can make ourselves feel better - physically, mentally and emotionally - and also create a space where we, as busy women, can come together and share our learnings.


What can we expect from the events?

It was always my vision that our agship store at 18 Albemarle Street be not only home to the collection but also serve as a home away from home for our customers. I envisioned relaxed, girly get-togethers where we can enjoy a glass of Prosecco and talk. We’ve been very lucky to be joined by some fabulous guest speakers. Julie Montagu led our yoga master class, the lovely Kate Percival shared her thoughts on staying healthy over 50, and my personal mentor, author and journalist Anna Harvey, discussed timeless style. For our future events, we will be delving into mindfulness, meditation, hypnotherapy and bio-identical hormones.

What appeals to you about collaborating with Gabriela on this project?

I feel that there is such synergy between what Gabi has to offer that appeals to the multi-tasking Wakeley woman. We all know how challenging it is to maintain a healthy nutritious diet on the go, and GP Nutrition supplements really serves a great purpose in her life.

How important is it for women to have a wellness community in their lives?

As women we all need a support network and people who we can rely on, to be honest with us. I also believe in the power of collective goals. We’re much more motivated to stay focused when we have people around us who share our aspirations.

Do you follow a nutritional plan?

I am careful about what I eat, but I hate depriving myself of something. I’d rather enjoy all things in moderation than have to do a crash diet. Having said that, once a year I do a juice cleanse, which is very cathartic.

How do you manage stress?

I love to escape to the country at the weekends. A bike ride (whatever the weather) with my Labrador Lola blows all the cobwebs away.

Which forms of exercise do you enjoy?

I love to exercise rst thing in the morning and nd it quite meditative. I enjoy a mix of ballet and pilates to stay in shape. We also ski tour in the high mountains, which means you climb as well as ski. It’s hardcore but great fun.

Tell us a few of your beauty secrets?

La Prairie face creams; L’Occitane body creams; and a silk eye mask stuffed with fresh lavender, which helps me to sleep and doesn’t leave horrible marks on my face.

How do you stay healthy while travelling?

I love to go running rst thing in the morning; to feel the city I am in, to smell it and to see it. There is nothing like jogging along the Arno in Florence after dawn, seeing the mist rising from the water.

What is exciting you about fashion and style in 2017?

I love how ‘rules of dressing’ have become a thing of the past. I believe that dressing is more about attitude than age or occupation. If you have the body, the lifestyle and the con dence to wear something then why not.

Please describe your SS17 collection.

Our SS17 is heavily in uenced by creative women with movement and expression key to each piece. I imagine the Wakeley woman as a dancer turned painter with ethereal fabrics and inky prints weaving their way through the collection.

What are you working on next?

We’ve got so many exciting projects lined up for 2017, not least the next phase of our Monogram handbag collection. There are several secret projects in the pipeline that I can’t quite reveal yet. All I can say is, watch this space...