Health on the go: the best wellness apps
There are now more health and wellness apps for your phone than ever before, with exercises to help you relax, eat well and even boost your fitness. Here are some of our favourite apps for improving your physical and mental wellbeing.

Fitness apps

Spotify Running: we all know the music app Spotify, and now it has an exciting new fitness feature. This matches a song with your pace to keep you pushing past those personal bests.

Daily Yoga: if you don’t have the time to nip to a class this week, let your phone be your instructor instead. As well as a handy reference library of around 500 poses, Daily Yoga provides over 50 high quality videos to help guide you. Namaste!

Freeletics: if you enjoy bodyweight workouts, then this is the instructional – and inspirational – fitness app for you. Choose from over 900 workouts depending on the weight level and the intensity you want.

Fitocracy: do you like to get competitive when you work out? The Fitocracy app lets you track workouts, and you can also set and share goals with a like-minded community.

Meditation apps

Headspace: this is the perfect app to help you ease into meditation if you're a newbie. A free 10-session pack starts you off, which guides you through 10-minute practices designed to calm you down and declutter your mind.

Calm: this app makes meditation possible any place, any time. Just select how long you’d like to meditate for, whether you’d like it to be guided or unguided, and what natural soundtrack you’d like.

Buddhify: these meditation exercises are grouped into categories, such as waking up or trying to get to sleep. With over 80 sessions to explore, you’ll be feeling centred and mindful in no time.

Healthy eating apps

Fooducate: learn more about the food you consume with Fooducate. Using the barcodes on packaging, this app explains the nutritional information of different foods and offers healthy alternatives. The app provides each food a grade to give you an idea of how healthy it is.

Nutrino: this app makes meal planning easy and gives you tips for reaching your nutritional goals. It also tracks exercise and water intake.

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